Our offer

Over 15 years of experience in implementing agricultural and industrial investments. Original solutions tested in practice.


Over 10 years of experience in implementing agricultural and industrial investments. Original solutions tested in practice.

Ethanol & Biofuel

We specialize in designing and building systems for the production of potable fuel and tech-grade ethanol. We provide complete solutions related to the production of ecological fuels and bioethanol. In our solutions we use zero-emission systems in which the entire energy demands are met by renewable sources.

Bio-energy & bio-gas

We provide comprehensive services related to biogas plants, both classic (agricultural) and specialized (breweries, starch plants, dairies). We provide solutions for additional bioenergetic lines associated with primary processing. We support bioenergy projects at every stage – from design right through to post-commissioning services.

Waste treatment

We offer a wide range of waste management solutions tailored to customer needs and processes. In post-production waste we see potential raw materials and energy sources. Therefore, purification and optimal waste management are integral elements of our technological system designs.


We have been responsible for upgrading and modernizing many existing facilities.
We have enhanced previously operating installations, for example: hydrolysis, distillation, and silage treatment facilities.

Distillery in Tursk

Continuous hydrolysis line (2009) / Ethanol distillation plant (2012)

Distillery in Chodecz

Continuous hydrolysis line (2011)

Distillery in Lubczyn

Continuous sterilization, fermentation and distillation line for molasses-based process (2011)

Distillery in Kołaczków

Complete drainage system for stillage fermentation (2008)

Distillery in Dąbrowica

Multi-column rectification system (2015)

Research & development

Our leading position on the market is a result of our engagement in research and development throughout all the domains we work in. We co-operate with Bionanopark in Lodz, one of the most modern research centres in Central Europe – capable of implementing the most ambitious projects from a molecular level, right up to semi-technical scale. We participate in research projects as both a service provider and technical advisor, as well as an investor. We also help in obtaining funding for such research and development works from public and private sources.

Fine chemicals

We offer solutions related to the production of low-tonnage chemistry. Our technologies of manufacturing chemical substances, using microbiological and biotechnological methods, have been successfully implemented in industries such as the cosmetics industry and hygiene products market.