Red River Biorefinery, USA

This is currently the largest venture of our company. The Americans will build an innovative biorefinery in Grand Forks, North Dakota, basing on technology provided entirely by Biotechnika.

BIOTECHNIKA is the sole licensor, the main designer and main technology supplier (power system and sewage treatment plant).

The Americans will build an innovative biorefinery in Grand Forks, North Dakota, basing on technology provided entirely by Biotechnika. It is the largest Polish sale of proprietary technology related to renewable energy and bioeconomy to the foreign market. The project value amounts to 80 million USD. The ceremonial contract signing will take place during the 6th European Bioeconomy Congress in Łódź (September 24th, 2018).

The Americans will use our technology

to produce bioethanol and biogas. As a feedstock, they will use sugar-beet processing wastes from the nearby refinery belonging to American Cristal Sugar (the largest sugar producer in the US) and wastes from the plants of JR Simplot (one of the world’s biggest fries producers, 59th company on the list of the largest private companies according to Forbes magazine in 2004).

The very process of obtaining ethyl alcohol from beets is nothing new. However, we have managed to develop a world-unique process system of extremely high efficiency.

“Beet parts that we will use as feedstock are officially classified as waste in the US. Ethanol produced from waste has a significantly higher market value thanks to the incentive and subsidy scheme under the EFS (Renewable Fuel Standard) program supporting the development of renewable fuels,” explains the owner of Biotechnika, Tomasz Kapela.

In addition, Biotechnika’s system allows to use residues from ethanol production to manufacture high-protein fodder and biogas, which in turn is used for the main production or after purification can be pumped into a natural gas network, which in the United States’s becoming an economically interesting method.

We save 60%
of demand
for heat energy.

„Of course, our system isn’t a perpetuum mobile, but thanks to this solution we save about 60% of demand for heat energy. This is an ideal example of circular economy. As a result, the CO2 emission related to the production of bioethanol is significantly reduced, and this opens the way to an additional increase in its value under the LCFS program (Low Carbon Fuel Standard)”, emphasizes Kapela.

The production scale will not be big for American conditions – 8,000 liters of ethanol per hour. An average plant producing ethanol from maize would be several times larger. However, with practically zero feedstock cost and increased product value, the profitability of the plant built basing on Biotechnika’s technology will be very high.

The Americans decided on our solution because they could see how it worked in practice. Biotechnika designed and built a twin facility in Poland. This plant has been successfully operating since 2012.

The value of the entire project in North Dakota will exceed 80 million dollars. The investor is Red River Biorefinery – an American special purpose vehicle established by BioMass Solution to build the plant. Biotechnika is the only licensor, the main designer and main supplier of technological devices.

The construction has already begun. The plant is to be ready
at the end of 2019.

Biotechnika’s success was widely featured in the media in the US, as well as in Poland. In our country, the contract didn’t only attract the attention of industry websites. The project was also covered by the Polish Press Agency, TVP Polish Television, Polish Radio, several newspapers (e.g. Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu, Gazeta Wyborcza, Nasz Dziennik) and many others.


To provide a complete process solution for an innovative biorefinery, designed to convert waste from the sugar beet and potato industry into advanced bioethanol and biogas.


  • assistance in acquiring administrative permits and decisions
  • a complete design in all engineering disciplines
  • specification and procurement of key process equipment and instrumentation
  • supervision of execution phase
  • tart-up and post commissioning services


A plant optimised to utilise the waste from ethyl alcohol production to provide energy back to the production process through biogas, for electricity and heat.

Product Specification

Installation Type

multi-raw material biorefinery

  • Advanced bioethanol
  • bioenergy
Commissioning date



Red River Biorefinery, USA

  • waste from sugar beet processing
  • waste from potato processing
  • food waste


Special Purpose Vehicle / Investment fund.

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